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TVET Education is part of the National Education System

Information Portal of TVET Myanmar

TVET Programme enables learners to higher level of Qualifications

Information Portal of TVET Myanmar

Non-formal TVET programmes are offered by 13 different line ministries

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TVET provision under Ministry of Education

Under Ministry of Education, Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (DTVET) is the responsible department for TVET. 
As of March 2018, DTVET is providing TVET under formal programme in thirty-five Government Technical High Schools (GTHSs) at upper secondary level and twenty-two Government Technical Institutes (GTIs) and three Government Technical Colleges (GTCs) for the post-secondary diploma level. The courses offered at these formal TVET schools mainly focus on the engineering-related field, but department is now in the process of expanding to other courses such as hospitality and services.

Building technology, Electronics technology, Electrical technology, Auto mechanics technology and Machining technology are offered in all thirty-five GTHS schools, Metal processing technology is offered only in one GTHS school, whereas the refrigeration and air conditioning technology is offered in four GTHS schools and Information Technology courses are only offered in seven GTHS schools. Civil, Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical engineering are offered in all GTIs and GTCs, The Information Technology are only offered in eight GTIs and Industrial engineering is offered in only two GTI schools. 


The first TVET Law was drafted in 2014 and outlines the formation of a TVET Committee with thirty members, chaired by the minister of education and with members from relevant ministries, private industries and TVET experts. This committee will be the highest policy-making body for TVET, and its role and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, setting TVET policies, planning qualifications, accreditation and regulating both government and TVET providers.
The law (in draft) is now under the review of the Union Attorney General Office (UAGO), and DTVET is assisting UAGO to refine the draft. Once UAGO approves it, the law has to be submitted for approval in the Parliament.

Employment and Skills Development Law

The Employment and Skills Development Law6 (ESDL) was established in 2013 by the Government of Myanmar. This law regulates in-service training for those already in employment and pre-service training for those who are seeking employment.
The law aims to establish a workers’ skills development fund for development and upgrading of occupational skills. This is to ensure sustainable funding of demand-oriented training by industry. According to the ESDL, industrial and service enterprises are expected to pay a minimum of 0.5 per cent of the total wages or salaries of all workers (supervisors and below) to the fund on a monthly basis.


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